GIT Hosting

GIT is intermediary software for many files and source codes management from same resource. GIT or Subversion is consisted of many functions and advantages such as source code collision protection, report to a software development process, report to data adding and editing, restore for outdated data reversion and a replaced file recovery when there is a problem etc. You will have no problem with source code collision because GIT supports GIT hosting system is suitable for coordinated program development of many developers, teamwork programming. Sometimes, it is difficult to arrange source code due to source code editing many times, and the newest source code editing is not eventually coordinated to the other source codes or new functions. It causes the developers must use old source code version before editing, and then it is difficult to reuse the old source code version because every editing is not mostly backed up.

Package : GIT Hosting


Choose your server’s location :

Why Choose A Location?
  • Working area
  • maximum users
  • accessible projects
  • Downloadable Backups
  • Custom Commit Hooks
  • Post-Commit Webhooks
  • Submit Tickets via Email
  • Remote Deploy
  • IP/Domain Restriction
  • Upgrade at any Time

Small Team

$9.99 /month

Large Team

$13.00 /month


$26.99 /month

Git Hosting

Advantages of GIT : Subversion Hosting

  • GIT Hosting you can reverse to use outdated source code easily.
  • GIT Hosting you can notify to your software development process.
  • GIT Hosting you can know that who edit, add or the other on your data.
  • GIT Hosting you can restore for your data recovery.
  • GIT Hosting you can protect a source code collision and update a replaced file.