Server and workload migration planning-perfected

Enterprise Migrations

Assessment and Discovery

The first step in the migration planning process is to evaluate your source servers, applications and workloads. Is the infrastructure stable? Do you have sufficient server resources to ensure the operation of your live applications during the migration? Have you inventoried all your digital assets that will be migrated? Are your hosted workloads and applications secure and recoverable? Omlinux offers several options for migration project discovery, including pre-migration server assessments, proof-of-concept migrations, application dependency mapping and server mapping to ensure a comprehensive and effective server migration assessment and discovery phase.

Enterprise Migrations


Whether you are planning a physical server migration, a P2V transition, a cloud transformation or hybrid destination server environment, Omlinux architects and hosting environment specialists will prepare a migration plan that will ensure a seamless transition to your new environment. Leverage Omlinux’s partnerships with the leading cloud and hosting service providers as well as data center operators to help select and configure the optimal destination hosting environment for your enterprise.

Enterprise Migrations

Destination Configuration

Setup the destination environment with all necessary OS and application layer services, taking into account that IP’s may have to change at the destination servers (especially for public cloud servers and/or when migrating to a new hosting service provider or data center). Provision firewalls and load-balancers if necessary, and check connectivity from source to destination.

Enterprise Migrations

Initial Migration

Best practice is to make a backup of critical digital assets prior to the initial migration. Execute the first transfer of all applications and data services to the destination, and perform any reconfigurations that may be required in the new environment. Automated migration tools may be used for this initial migration, however take note that when changing providers your new host may not support foreign server images into the new environment. In this case, manual data transfers and reconfiguration of all applications, workloads and databases are required. Make sure to document any application, code, or configuration updates you have to make in the live environment after the initial migration and prior to go-live, in order to push those changes to the destination environment after the migration has been validated and just prior to the final cut-over event.

Enterprise Migrations

Migration Testing

Thorough functional testing of all migrated applications is a necessity and cannot be overlooked or automated. Assign a dedicated resource to exhaustively test and validate the operation of all your applications and workloads in the new environment to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Should errors be presented, assign your developers or IT specialists to resolve them, and create a contingency or roll-back plan in the event of any interruptions or unforeseen performance issues after go-live.

Enterprise Migrations

Go-Live Planning

Prepare a cut-over schedule, taking into account that there will likely be a maintenance window of downtime if you are migrating to a new provider. Make sure you have a rollback plan if necessary. Prepare to sync databases from source to destination, and account for propagation time for DNS records that may need to be modified. If source servers are to be decommissioned, make sure to back up all the data prior to doing so. WSM recommends keeping the source servers on and accessible for at least 10 days after migration. Prepare a post-migration support plan, which should include best practices for security, Devlops and ongoing maintenance in the new environment.

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